Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's A Boy!

Elek James Turpin is on his way! (Sorry the scan is so lousy.)


Pat said...

I think he's VERY handsome!!

Kell said...

The ultrasound technician kept telling me how cute he was! I'm seriously not sure how she could tell.

Sara said...

he is ever so handsome. he might turn out to be my new new boyfriend. fantastic name.

Trish said...

Grandpa Meszaros [Elek] and my PaPa
Musser [James] would be so proud!!

Grammy's man is sooo handsome!!

Love, Mama

Alice the Brit said...

YAY - congratulations :)

Alice the Brit

MSU gal said...



Anonymous said...

Congrats on finding out!