Thursday, April 28, 2011

Life Lesson For My Daughter

To my daughter:
One doesn't like to generalize about any group of people, but here's the deal. You have to play a bit hard to get when dating boys. I know, I don't want to play games. But it's not really a game. Yes, it's stupid and childish, but it's instinct.

(this is my dream man, jared leto)

Men can't go hunt buffalo for us anymore while we guard the cave. But they want to hunt. Deep down, they need to hunt. And sadly, the only area in their lives where this is still a possibility is on the dating scene*.

Sure, it's silly and immature and kind of lame. But I think you'll find that, before you find the right one, you'll date plenty of boys that are silly, immature and kind of lame.

So, when it's time to date, just play it cool. Not freezing. Just cool. They'll want you more. I promise.

P.S. Daddy is going to try and tell you this advice is wrong. That he wasn't like this (he was). That lots of boys are not hunters (they are) and that boys don't play relationship games (they do). Don't listen to him. Listen to me.

*unless they actually hunt. Like deer and elk and stuff. With guns.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Curve on Cursive

Help! Am I the only one who feels the country is on the slippery slide to Hell? Case in point, read this, as reported by ABC News:

"Forty-one states have so far adopted the new Common Core State Standards for English, which does not require cursive. Set by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and the National Governors Association (NGA), the standards provide a general framework for what students are expected to learn before college.

States are allowed the option of re-including cursive if they so choose, which is what Massachusetts and California have done.

But the latest to contemplate abandoning the script is Georgia, where teachers and administrators will meet in March to discuss erasing the longhand style from its lesson plans, says Georgia Department of Education spokesman Matt Cardoza.

The argument is that cursive is time-consuming and not as useful as the keyboard skills students will need as they move on to junior high and high school."

In the musical "Bye Bye Birdie" there is a song titled, "What's the Matter with Kids Today?". I guess it could be sung throughout the centuries for every generation. No cursive writing? Who will be able to sign their own name? Text. Texting. Sexting. All it takes is two thumbs and a lowered understanding of the English language. Spelling? Oooops, who needs that? Where U At? Dear God, what is happening in the world?

Do teachers not remember what cursive teaches us beyond just a writing style? Neatness, concentration, control over motor skills, and maybe even an appreciation for art, beauty, and vision? Since it opens the way to drawing, painting, and many other forms of hand-eye visual coordination, how can we cheat (cripple!) future generations by leaving out this important feature of their education? Maybe I am a little crazy about this, but I honestly remember drawing my first butterfly in the margins of my First Grade writing exercises.

I guess kids today will have to learn to draw with their thumbs on a tiny keyboard. Good luck.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Not Me Monday

It's been quite some time since I've done a Not Me Monday so I thought I'd do one today.

It wasn't my son who fell off his skateboard, whined for minute and went on his way skating with his friend for the next 3 hours. He didn't then come home and say that his hand wasn't hurting pretty bad. I didn't look at it and decide that we didn't need to go to the ER. He didn't have to have x-rays and the doctor didn't say his finger wasn't broken. The break isn't very close to the hand and he doesn't have an appointment with the pediatrician today.

It isn't me who knows more about Thomas the Tank Engine than I ever thought I would know. I don't have to watch it everyday and have to build tracks.

It's not my 14 year old daughter who was "asked out" by a boy she likes, but told him no because she thought they were too young for a relationship. She didn't say that she likes her life the way it is and doesn't need to deal with a boy. I am not unbelievably proud of her. Her dad isn't thrilled too.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Is this thing on?

Friday, April 1, 2011

He really into not wearing clothes. i believe i am raising a future nudist. he goes into his bedroom with clothes on and most of the time comes out with them off. the other day i told him "let's get some clothes on" and he quickly replied "let's get our naked on". totally obsessed with thomas the tank engine. i've been teaching him our address and he remembers the numbers by saying james, gordon and toby. james is the #5 engine, gordon is 4 and toby is 7.

...recognizes all his letter and number up to 100. he knows the sounds that half the letters make. can spell the words book, elek, mama, daddy, hello, spell and joy rd. he knows how to spell joy rd. because it is painted in ne of the hallways at church. he also can add some. one day he came up to me and said "1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+1=4, 4+5=9, 9+5=14, 14+10=24, 5+5=10." i have no idea how he knows this. it's kind of amazing that my 3 year old knows this stuff.

...has a crazy imagination. last night i was trying to get him in bed and he was too busy being a baby bird flying out of his nest (his bed). everyday, he is a different animal. today he's raccoon who likes to bite toes. loved beyond words. i cannot imagine my life without him. so glad that four years ago when i thought i was done having kids, God knew otherwise.