Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Want A Cell Phone by Madison Turpin age 11

I found this lying on the couch after Madison went to bed last night.

I want a cell phone, I'm begging for a cell phone. The answer will always be no. I can name all the reasons why I need a cell phone and let me start.

A cell phone is a very popular form of technology. All 5th graders beg for them. A cell phone is what EVERYONE wants, especially an iPhone. 5th graders love cell phones and it can help them with a lot of stuff.

One thing it can help is friendship. Friendships deepen in cell phones. If you talk to your friends it helps with your communication skills. It helps lots of people learn communication skills. Some friends don't get to see each other all day and a cell phone is where they can have a private conversation.

What if you were lost? What would happen? If you had a cell phone you could call 911 and the police could come and find you. Some cell phones also have the technology to locate children. Cell phones help parents so much. If their child is going to a friend's house they could say "Call home every hour" or whatever time.

These are all the reasons why I need a cell phone and I hope it makes you think.


Trish said...

It makes me think allright... that girl is too big for her britches!
Are you getting her one???
I already know the answer...NO!

Sara said...

That is a very well-written essay. And I agree with Grammy, NO! Poor Esther Yoder. Give her two cans and some string.

Kell said...

Mad is always bugging for a cell phone. The answer is most definitely NO! I think that it's ridiculous for an 1 year old to have a cell phone. You wouldn't believe how many of them do though.

blondegrrlie said...

That is so funny! My neice got a cell phone this year and she is 13!! I couldn't believe it! I didn't get one until I was driving...17 I think?? I couldn't imagine having one in 5th grade!! wow I have so much to look forward to with my lil man! lol

Pat said...

Mad shows great promise as a writer! Stick to your guns mom, I agree with you 100%!

sarah said...

Yeah, Alexis has a pick up and go. Her mom got it for her. She's 9, it's ridiculous. We have to hide it when she comes because she thinks she can answer it whenever it rings, whether it's bedtime or even if we are all just hanging out as a fam. I phone at least until driving. Or maybe one like Alexis's, but very strict rules. iPhone, though.HA! Maybe with her first salary check with her job AFTER college!