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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dumb Bunny

Ian was on his skateboard yesterday. I watched him whiz by a few times and told him that I used to be able to skateboard. He gives me this look that said "Yeah right". I took the bait.

So I take the skateboard from him. I put one foot on and begin to skate down the driveway. That's when the skateboard hits a crack...it stops, I do not. Do you see where I'm going with this?

I go flying. I hit the driveway super hard. I can no longer breathe and I'm pretty sure that I have cracked numerous ribs. Michael comes running over and I notice that Ian is laughing his buns off. I'm still lying on the driveway gasping for breath like a fish out of water. Michael helps me sit up and I notice my palms are full of road rash. My elbow is bleeding. Michael keeps trying to get me to move my wrist...said he thought that I had broken it based on the way I fell. After a few minutes I join Ian in laughing.

I am more sore today that I ever remember being. Substantially bruised too. Don't think I'm going to be skateboarding anytime soon. Now onto the pogo stick.

**Edited to Add** I forgot to mention that this was the second time that I fell yesterday. I landed flat on my face in the parking lot at work.


Trish said...

I leave for a few days and you hurt yourself! Just what a Mom needs to hear...take 2 Motrin and rest!
Love and miss you,

p.s. kiss the babies for me!

Louise said...

I am sorry Kell, but I had to laugh as I read this. I could just imagine all this happening and thought "that coulda been me 40 years ago". Nah. I woulda been too afraid even then.
Love you.

Sara said...

youch! go be still and have michael wrap you in bubble wrap.

liv319 said...

Well...pride comes before the fall, I guess :) lol I'm so sorry - I can totally relate. I am quite clumsy and fall often. I have mastered the fall. There is a comedian (ok, it's ellen - I dont agree with her lifestyle, but I watched this comedy stand up thing once and nearly died I laughed so hard) she has this super funny comedy thing where she talks about tripping and falling and getting hurt. I was literally crying...