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Friday, August 14, 2009

Encyclopedia of Me - E

Escalators- I have a severe fear of escalators. I believe it stems from the fact that I fell while getting on the escalator at JC Penney as a kid. I have to talk myself into getting on them, once I'm on I'm okay. Just that first step is terrifying.

Eggs- Eggs are just about the grossest thing you can eat.

Exclamation Points- I have a bizarre love of exclamation points!!! The more the better!!! Especially when posting on the computer, where I use them to emphasize my good humor or assumed effervescence or to show pronounced confusion (what!?!?!?!).

Eighties- I am a child of the eighties, a time of jelly bracelets, jelly shoes, Madonna vs. Cyndi Lauper (Cyndi Lauper totally won, in my opinion), Michael Jackson gloves, parachute pants, Prince and Debbie Gibson, MTV, John Hughes movies, fluorescent colors, The Cosby Show, Yuppies, Punk Rockers, "Where's the beef" commercials, synthesizers, spiked hair, leg warmers, Cabbage Patch Kids (I had 4), The Smurfs, Footloose, heavy metal, side ponytails and break dancing. I used words and expressions like "gag me with a spoon", "rad", and "what a fox". It was a time when someone would say "I have a computer", and everyone would go "woooahhh."

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Trish said...

The love of exclamation points must be genetic...cause Mama has a tendency to use way too many of them too!!! And, I so totally agree about Cyndi Lauper...Madonna was sooo overrated don't ya think!?!?!?