Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Freckles and stripes, speckles and spots.
The nicest of creatures love polka dots.
Look at the leopard, the ladybug too,
and any zebra you see in the zoo.
The dappled giraffe stands on delicate legs.
And thrushes and swallows lay speckled eggs.
Nature is fondest of stripes, spots and speckles
and that is the reason I don't mind my freckles.


Trish said...

Gram loves ol' blue eyes... freckles!

Pat said...

Those freckles suit him perfectly! Love that boy!

Diane said...

He's too cute for words! And, what compassionate eyes for such a young man!

Many hugs........


~Joy-N-Jesus~ said...

Kelly that is such a great pic! Love it! Your blog looks amazing!