Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I have spent numerous hours the past few days looking at recipes online. I am quite sick of everything I make. I need something new. The only problem is the people I live with are crazy picky and pretty much refuse to try anything new. Sigh.

2. I my search of new recipes I discovered this website. My Recipes Online. Love that there is somewhere online that I can store my recipes.

3. You would think that with all my recipe searching I would have made something fabulous for dinner tonight. Wrong! We had a store made pizza that I just threw in the oven.

4. I have decided that I have a slight obsessive personality. About a month ago I decided rather than paying $20 for a personlized t-shirt for Elek on Etsy that I could just make him one myself. I have now made 20+ shirts.

5. Elek is finally completely potty trained! Praise the Lord!

6. I can't wait until school is out and we can sleep in. Also, I am tired of driving for an hour in the morning driving people to school.

7. It's 10:19 p.m. and Elek is still awake. Someone had a late nap.

8. Ian came in from skateboarding earlier and was holding his hand and tearing up. I almost passed out. He just got his cast off last week and does not need another one. Thankfully it was just scratched up.

9. I need something new to read. Any suggestions?

10. My porch light keeps flickering and it's slightly freaking me out.

The End.


Addie said...

Hello! I'm almost done reading The Help, very good if you haven't read that one yet!

Pat said...

I've also heard The Help is very good, but I haven't read it myself yet. I'm still into the Mitford Series.

Margie said...

Choosing to see by Mary Beth Chapman... so good!

Anonymous said...

OMG! My name is Madison Turpin too.I live in Canada and i am eleven right know.