Monday, August 29, 2011

Break the wrist and walk away.

Do you remember that line from Napoleon Dynamite? I say it in my head every time I spend large amounts of time with my teenager. Every teenager has crazy good, if quite absurd, argumentative skills. They can walk you up and down, back and forth, till your dizzy in your head, with their theories, reasoning, evidence and debates. "Break the wrist and walk away," I tell myself. Which doesn't really involve any breakage of any wrists, just a quick cut and run. State your point (the wrist) and walk away. If you argue back, you might as well sit and get comfortable because it's going to be a long one. There is nothing like, "Because I said so", that terribly frustrating line we all said we'd never utter after hearing it ourselves years and years ago, but now come to learn it's the oasis in the middle of the stormy shore of adolescent.

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Crown of Beauty said...

Hi, I know we both belong to the Sisterhood of the Scarf/Apron/Bible... but would you believe this is my first time ever on your blog.

I really enjoyed my visit here.

Read this post and scrolled down to read the rest of the blog page...

It was a good visit, thanks!