Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mandy Grace Update from Carrie

Day 19, Our baby has Trisomy 18. An extra chromosome. Three of the #18 chromosome instead of two. Well, so what? Sounds pretty benign. doesn't it? After all, we have what, 46 all together? What's one extra chromosome among friends? Well, it turns out that one little #18 chromosome has more power than all the others put together. It is a tiny tornado, packing a destructive force stronger than life itself. Each day is borrowed from here on out. Today we are going to try out our car seat in the house to see if we may be strong enough to travel... Possibly to Church and Thank Everyone in Person for Praying for Us!

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Mrs. Mac said...

Each day is a gift. I pray little Mandy Grace touches many lives and you all are strong enough. God bless you for sharing your gift.