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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Slightly Scary

Ummm, Marcia Clark, what have you done to yourself?


Louise said...

She has been plasticized and re-arranged and made to be whom she is not. How sad people can't be content with who they are.

Trish said...

Why on earth they do that to themselves is beyond me.
They look ridiculous!


Anonymous said...

It's just plain sick! It's not like she looked good before, but now she really looks bad. She doesn't even look like herself anymore!


Pat said...

It's probably the aging process more then being dissatisfied with her looks that caused her to "upgrade" herself. I think it's been about 13 years since the OJ trial - time can be unkind. It's too bad, I thought she was attractive with her curly hair and high cheek bones, mabe she didn't was tired of the natural look.

Sara said...

joan rivers called, she wants her face back.

Kenny said...

She didn't look nearly this bad on Oprah the other day. Maybe it's just bad lighting??