Monday, November 12, 2007

Dear Children

I love you both more than you know, but can you please stop bringing home the stomach flu? I have now caught it from each of you within 2 weeks. Enough already!


Louise said...

Kelly dear, how could these beautiful, innocent looking children bring anything but good to their precious Mom?
I, of course, speak from the perspective of a woman who's 'done her time' with her own two children year and years ago.
One day Sweet Kelly, when you have grandbabies gathering all around, you'll not even remember, well, not much anyway, the days of stomach flu and other childhood ills.

Louise said...

p.s. of course, the sweet by & by days don't help ya much right now, do they?
Hope you feel better soon!

Pat said...

I think we need to super-dooper boost your immunity...or else you'll have to stop kissing on those chil'ren!

Trish said...

Xavier had a touch of it, I think.
He was a big fat crab today!!
I sure don't want the mess!!