Sunday, November 11, 2007

Reasons I Hate The Komodo Dragon

1. Komodo's are reptiles. I despise reptiles of any type.

2. They eat carrion. (Carrion is rotting flesh in case you didn't know.) That's just gross.

3. Because they eat carrion Komodo's have a disease filled bacteria in their mouth. After they bite their prey it will get sick and die from blood poisoning within a day or two. This includes 12 humans in the last 70 years. (I don't have to worry about this as I never step near reptiles)

4. Komodo Dragons are cannibals, eating their young and occasionally their eggs. EWWW!

5. Their teeth are large, curved and serrated and arraged so that the maximum amount of flesh can be bitten off and swallowed whole.

6. A large komodo can swallow a deer whole and then will lay around in the sun for a week, waiting for the animal to digest. That's just plain lazy. Maybe they should try chewing!

7. I am not an animal person. I care nothing about the habitat, diet, and location of any animal. Sue me.

8. Michael said that he's help Ian with his Komodo Dragon project, but for some reason I have done all the work and research. Plus Ian is sick with a fever and yucky stomach and hasn't been able to do much either!


Trish said...

Leave it to Ian to pick such a gross thing!!
Tell him Grammy missed him in Chuirch this morning!!

Louise said...

You have given me more information about Komodo dragons than I've had in my entire life. I too highly dislike reptiles, esp. sn_ _ es. Don't even like saying what they are. Why they had to be created is one of the things I'll eventually get around to asking our Father when I get to heaven.

Kell said...

I HATE Sn__kes the most too! I can't even go near the reptile house at the zoo! I've always wondered why they were created.

Pat said...

I'm so in agreement with #7.
Sn__kes are st__ky.

Sara said...

you have been ripped off sister.