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Monday, February 23, 2009

I'd say happy Monday, but it's not, so I won't. Im cranky. And crabby. Oh, and
don't forget tired. Oh so tired. Bone aching, eye burning, zombie walking tired.
Is this what all those celebs feel like when they are hospitalized for
"exhaustion"? Exhaustion meaning a drug and booze induced coma, but whatever.

Wasn't me who didn't want to go back to work this morning after 9 days off.

It wasn't me who was corrected by their 3 year old nephew because I didn't pronounce the word chorizo properly. As in I didn't have a Mexican accent.

I did not squirt hand lotion onto my hands when starting to wash them in the bathroom sink and then spend several seconds wondering why the soap wasn’t lathering.

Also, on Thursday afternoon I did not take my adorable 12 year old daughter to see Twilight, and loved it! I also did not giggle like a 13 year old when Robert Pattinson made his first appearance in the movie as the perfect teenage man/vampire Edward. Nor did I get completely giddy every time he smiled at Bella lovingly. Nope.. not me!

I am not so sick of sick kids and hubby....I love being the nurse to the family with not a chance of myself having time to be sick....and keeping the laundry up.

I definitely did not laugh as my toddler threw temper tantrums this week. Doing that would be heartless and wrong and I am not that kind of mother.

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Lynette said...

You are so funny Kell! All this denial...lol!