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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday - Top Messes Elek Has Made Recently

1. Dumped an entire box of 500 q-tips all over the bathroom and hallway.

2. Took the crackers I gave him and proceeded to run them over with Hot Wheels.

3. Stabbed a Hostess Cupcake with a Capri Sun straw.

4. Squirted Mike's shaving cream all over the bathroom sink.

5. Dumped a bowl of Goldfish Crackers and stomped them.

6. Got into one of Maddy's board games and threw the cards EVERYWHERE.

7. Emptied the bottom 2 drawers of his dresser.

8. Squirted shampoo all over the bathtub.

9. Dumped a basket of clean, folded laundry.

10. Painted my mom's antique hutch with white out.


Lynette said...

HAHA...now that brought back many, many memories;-D

Addie said...

Wow! This is a good list to show him later in life!