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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2:24 p.m. Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The house is quiet. All 3 kids are asleep. I'm guessing that Madison and Ian are enjoying one last nap before school starts tomorrow morning. School started for me this morning. I was actually quite happy to head back to work. Hard to believe but I actually missed the kids. It's nice to be greeted by 100's of smiles in the morning. By June, I'll be ready for the break again. :)

Madison is starting a new school this year. Not new to the family, Ian went there last year, but new for her. She was pretty nervous about it last week. Not at all happy with Michael and I for making her switch and not letting her go to the 6th Grade Academy with her friends. Thankfully after she went to Meet the Teacher night and she met her new teacher, Mrs. Pogrmich and signed up for volleyball and show choir, she is now excited to start. Plus she found out she knows several kids in her class. You all know that I'll be posting pics.

I'm excited to get into a schedule again. All the free time during the summer throws my kids. They get "bored" and instead of finding something constructive to do the usually choose to make messes and argue. I'm so looking forward to my house staying neater. Ian's not too bad, but Mad has the tendency to just drop things when she's done with them.

Elek will be spending lots of time with Grammy now. This morning I had to take all 3to my mom and dad's house while I worked. While standing in front of the school waiting for buses this morning, Ian came flying up on his bike...I knew that my dad wasn't far behind, so I asked him where Papa was and he answered "he's coming, with Elek." Papa decided that Elek was big enough for his first bike ride. He was so cute in the baby seat on the back of Papa's bike in his little bee helmet. I so wish that I would have had my camera. Oh and can you believe my baby is 8 months old today? :(

He's growing up way too fast and before I know it he'll be heading off to school too.


Trish said...

Our baby loved his 1st bike ride...
PaPa brought him back sound asleep!
We are all glad to see school start!

Pat said...

I know what you mean about going back to work...for me it was a love/hate thing!
Elek looks like a little cupid compass with his toe pointing north! How adorable!!

liv319 said...

There is way too much growing up going on for my taste :) Can't we just freeze time for a while?