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Friday, September 19, 2008

Can You Guess Who I'm Voting For?

As a self-proclaimed political junkie, I am extremely intrigued by John McCain's choice for Vice President. I've been doing a lot of reading up on Governor Palin and I have to tell you...I love her. I think she is just what this country needs. I'm already sick of the liberals saying that she has no experience. As someone who has a decent knowledge of Presidential history here's what I think about it.

On Presidential experience and qualification just look at history. Four Presidents, all military, had no government qualification. One farmer-soldier, one soldier, and two military academy. (Washington, Taylor, Grant, and Eisenhower). Abe Lincoln stands unique because he had no education and only spent two years in the House of Representatives. Teddy Roosevelt is another, only spending two years as the Secretary of Navy. Today none of these six would be viewed by the media and the liberals as experience or qualified.

Look to Mount Rushmore! There is Washington (soldier), Jefferson (2 year Governor), Lincoln (2 year House member), and Teddy Roosevelt (2 year Sec of Navy).

Of the 43 Presidents, 23 came from State Governorships. Many only after two years. Of our 220 year history, 122 years was lead by ex-governors. Conversely, only 10 years by those going direct from the Senate to the White House, for two died in office. Only four lawyers spent limited time in the Senate before going direct to the White House (Pierce, Garfield, Harrison, Kennedy). The rest of Presidents coming out of the legislature first did some duty in the executive branch in Secretarial Positions, or in V.P. Positions.

The fact is, few spent a lot of time in Washington D.C. before moving up, proving that leadership is not a function of time, or of time spent in D.C., legislatures and legislative committees. The fact is also that most went through Ivy League Law Schools. Twenty one came out of Ivy League law colleges. Nine had no college. Three from military academy’s, and the rest, some college. Most political experiences, time wise, was in State and local government. Do you see where I'm going here?

Okay, rant over.


Trish said...

Tell it like it is girl!
I think I see a little of your Mama in you. Ha!

Margie said...

that was great!

Speak with the facts!

Louise said...

We desperately need to learn what you've written ... I didn't know all these facts ... how many others don't either?
Thank you for telling us truth! What a rarity it is these days.

Amber Land said...

I agree with you, the more I research her the more I love her! I didn't know all the facts you posted either. Thanks!!!

Lindsey said...

Amen sista!! I couldn't agree more!