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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bad Blogger

I'm not going to lie...I'm a bad blogger. I rarely post anything of substance anymore. You see, I'm just too busy taking pictures. I'm obsessed. I am always looking for a new, cool place to shoot. Drives my kids crazy. I so wish I was a real photographer.

Yesterday I drug one of my bff's, Meaghan, along on one of my trips. And Emilee was with us too. We were minus Ian, but that just means we didn't have to listen to him whine about my picture taking.

We went back to Belle Isle. Meaghan had never been there. Huh? That's all I needed to hear. After Madison's game off we went.

The fountain only runs May 1-October 1 and I had to get back there. That fountain is to die for. I can picture fabulous wedding pictures in front of that fountain. I need someone to dress up as a bride and groom for me. Any volunteers? lol

So here are the latest photos. I promise that I'll post something other than pics soon.

Megs, I've been planning your maternity shoot in my head all day. That is if you're game.


Sara said...

if you're looking for a fat and old bride and groom (and who isn't?); the mr. and i are available.
seriously, i have been thinking of having pics taken of the two of us for our anniversary in a few weeks and i'd also like to have a family pic including donny for christmas cards. what do you think? can you think up a fabulous photo shoot?

Sara said...

p.s. if you want a real bride look, i think my veil still fits.

Louise said...

Your pictures speak volumes ... keep shootin'. I vote for Thara & Dean to be your bride & groom ...

Janine said...

Love the pictures! That fountain is gorgeous!

SARAH said...

Picture 13 of Megan on the wall...I think I saw that photo on the recent Wayne State ad. You better get your money.

Wanna borrow Sammy for a few hours? He hasn't gotten his 2 year old pics yet...he turned two in July.

Margie said...

you should do it pro-fessionally, you are great! I love the pics! They really do me great joy!

You have real talent!

Kell said...

Sara, I'm game for a shoot with the Smiths. Let me know what works for you.

Meaghan said...

Love them!!! I am ready for some prego pics!!