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Monday, December 8, 2008

it positively positive was NOT me. nope.

The stories below are most definitely fictional and would NOT be anything that really happened in our house this past week!

I did not decide that Elek is not getting anymore vaccinations.

I did not drive 20+ miles on Saturday in the snow to the Carter's Outlet because I don't love me some Carter's baby clothes.

I most certainly did not buy the kids matching Christmas pajamas. Nor did I let them wear the pajamas at the same time. That would just be lame.

I am not the slightest bit amused by my feisty, opinionated daughter, who talks constantly, and lets her feelings be known. Not at all.

I did not watch Cops and laugh hysterically when the dog bite a guy trapped in a Mexican restaurant. I did not repeatedly say "I love this show".

And the piece de resistance, I certainly did not sneak in on Michael kissing Ian good night and PANTS him. Sweat pants all the way to the floor. I did not roll on the floor laughing, snorting and cackling... ( yes, I am that immature!) I did not pay for it at 5am with the "cold-hands" treatment while I was still snug in my bed and Michael was off to work. And I will not continue to be paying for it all week. Nope. No siree. Not Me.

I love not doing stuff.

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Amber Land said...

I haven't gotten Hudsyn vaccinated and Bell only had her first two rounds. After researching them out I found that there is no FDA approval on the time line or dosage that kids receive. However I did find a link to Dr. Sears vaccination schedule. You'll have to google it in your spare time. It's worth thinking and praying about.