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Monday, December 15, 2008

Time For Another Thrilling Edition Of Not Me Monday

This week it was not me who woke my kid up from his nap because I couldn’t resist the bubble wrap that came with my most recent Etsy purchase.

It was not me who just got her Christmas tree up on Saturday.

It certainly was not me who had 2 children with pink eye last week and then didn't give it to their Grammy.

I am not the person who watched 12 episodes of Big Love this weekend.

It's so not me who cannot figure out why my Kodak software decided it no longer wants to work. Also, not me who can't fix the issue...even when it's uninstalled and then reinstalled.

I did not practically blind our son with the flash from my camera, turning into a paparazzi-shooting, camera-crazed mama. *FLASH! FLASH! FLASH!* Not me! It's totally not his first Christmas tree picture.

Again, I did not create this post on Sunday night and schedule it to automatically post at a random time on Monday. It would not truly be a Not Me Monday if I were to do something like that, which I did not do, by the way...I swear.

1 comment:

Trish said...

Elek's going to end up like Eman and avoid the picture taking marathons when he gets older!
My eyes burn...hmmm I wonder why??