Thursday, April 30, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Things have been substantially busy around here the last week. We've had 6 baseball/softball games in the last 5 days. And a couple of practices. Tonight we have Madison and Ian's orchestra concert at school. Tomorrow more practice. Saturday baseball game. Monday swimming starts back up. Add to all this work, keep house, meals, homework, etc. and you've got one tired Kelly. I'm ready for a vacation. Usually I'd say I was going to runaway to Mexico, but with the whole swine flu aka h1n1 flu, I'm not even about to go there.

I've had a migraine since 4:00 this morning. Called in sick to work. I was able to take an hour long nap this afternoon while Elek was sleeping. The headache is still there, but less severe. Thank God! I am still grouchy though. As Xavier would say, I am miserable.

It's strange that I haven't blogged in so long and yet I still have nothing to say. Maybe it's time to give up blogging. Maybe after 4 years I've said everything. Hmmm.


JoyNJesus said...

okay, so i have not stopped by your blog in a while, but I have to say I enjoy your pictures and I absolutely LOVE your easter pictures! Love the colors, your outfits , your family looks so beautiful! Great pics! Have you scrapped those yet?

Sara said...

don't be silly. get back over here and blog! the other option is actual face to face interaction. we both know we don't want that to happen.

Constance said...

We all hit that wall from time to time. If you read my jibberish lack of inspiration apparently hasn't stopped me! Ha Ha!