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Monday, May 4, 2009

It wasn't me who forgot that Madison and Ian were cold lunchers today and didn't pack lunches. They didn't call me and remind me. I didn't have to then run to Subway and take them lunch.

I would never be so lazy with washing clothes that Madison and Ian wore softball/baseball uniforms for two games straight without them being washed. I had more than one pair of socks so at least those were clean.

I have not been a blog slacker lately and just be too lazy to think of a good post. These days it seems as if I am getting all caught up in trying to be better at photography and letting my day get away from me. So, sorry fellow bloggers for the lack of interesting posts.

I did not kick my children out of the house to go run laps outside the other day. Just because they drive me nuts in the house and are constantly running/jumping/wrestling/kicking/punching/screaming does not mean that they need to run laps.

I most certainly would never, ever have a very specific pocket in my diaperbag made just for dum dum's (you know those tiny suckers). I would never be so embarrassed by my one year old and his unnecessary screaming (you know the one? Not because he's upset, because he wants too, and everybody stares at you) that I would just give him one to make him stop.

I did not actually sit on my hands one day this week to avoid slapping my child’s face as I was being sassed. I’m perfectly in control of my kids’ emotions and attitudes, not to mention my own, don't you know!?!

Finally, I have not signed completely out of blogger and then signed back in at least five times as I have reviewed this post and decided to change something or add another did not statement. Nope. That would mean I have too much time on my hands.

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