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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An Angry Tween Ball Player

Madison is not enjoying softball this year. She doesn't like her coach (her coach actually told them that they sucked), she has a lot of new players on her team that don't really know what they're doing and she's not dealing with it well. The girl does not like to lose. In fact, she's really not used to it at all.

She would love to quit playing, but Michael and I won't let her. I don't think quitting teaches you anything. But perseverance does.

Keep at it my baby girl, I love you.


Sara said...

God has to put leaders in the midst of losers. Keep leading Maddy. P.S. I'm freezing too! I had the furnace on and the electric blanket!

Pat said...

As her great-grandpa would say, she can get happy in the same drawers she gets mad in! I'm sure that wasn't correct, but your Mom knows what I mean!
Maddy's still adorable, even when she's all tweeny!

Trish said...

Pat...I love that you remember Daddy's philosophy! "You've got the same ol' drawers to get glad in!"
This girl is pracks me up!!!!

Terry said...

pst...that is so funny! ha!

that wasn't nice of that coach but maybe he had purpose behind it kell.
i mean if i were madison, i would just work so hard and do my best for the team that the coach would have to eat his words and then HE would be the one getting mad in his gotchies!

Lynette said...

I think the coach should be told what idle words like that causes in children with bad self esteems.

Margie said...

you're a good mama!