Friday, November 27, 2009

Life With A Soon To Be Teenage Girl

Miss Madison will be turning 13 soon. February 20 to be exact. Living with a teenager is quite an experience. My days are currently spent listening to this song over and over.

I believe I have heard this song at least 2,694,301 times. We've all heard it so many times even Elek can sing it. I suppose it could be worse it could be gangsta rap or death metal.

Life also involves lots of discussion of whether Edward or Jacob is better. (Personally I'm team Yes, I am one of those Twilight moms.)

Mad's bedroom currently looks like a tornado hit it. Clothes as far as the eye can see. Clean clothes, dirty clothes tossed here and there. Every event requires numerous outfit changes until just the right combo is achieved. For Thanksgiving dinner alone she needed to try on no less than 10 items of clothing. She finally settled on a red plaid skirt, black leggings and her New Moon shirt. Maddy has a unique sense of style and makes sure that she always looks different from everyone else.

We hear a lot of "you're ruining my life" and "you just don't understand". Oh yeah, these phrases need lots of eye rolling to go along with them. The "you're ruining my life" is used when we won't give in and give her what she wants. It usually has something to do with hanging out with her friends. I'm sorry, but I am not dropping my 13 year old at the mall and letting her walk around unsupervised with 4 other 13 year olds. It's just not going to happen. And as for the "you just don't understand" I think she forgets that I was an almost 13 year old girl once.

Mad has been a complete drama queen since birth and everything is cause for major dramatics. She got her progress report from school a couple of weeks ago and she had a B+ in math. You would have thought that she was failing the way she carried on. Maddy has never gotten a B, she's always had straight A's and apparently the thought of a B was more than she could take. She sobbed and whined and moaned for an hour. It got to the point where I had to leave the room and ignore her. (She did get the grade up to an A.)

Even with all the aforementioned fun we wouldn't trade our Maddy Beth for anything. She is a constant ray of sunshine in our lives. She blesses us beyond words.


Trish said...

She is her mother's Daughter...
Grammy thinks that she is awesome!

Trish said...

Love your Christmas Header and Background!

Julie said...

Oh dear...I remember being that age, it's hard! My daughter is a drama queen, and at only 5 years she already acts like a teenager at times. What will I do? LOL!

I may come back to you in about 12 years for some advice...I'm sure you'll make it through the next few years and laugh about it one day!

Thank goodness they are blessings and miracles from God...I think that helps us to get through the trying times!

Constance said...

At one point, our youngest daughter Laura and our son Charlie had to share a room. She would leave Back Street Boys and N Sync on ALL night long! I think Charlie has been forever scarred from all that music! Not to mention the pictures taped all over their room. His was the top Bunk Bed and his only break was all of his Pokeman stuff on the walls and ceiling over his bed! WOW! I am now an empty-nester but I CERTAINLY don't miss all odf that!

Pat said...

If you ever decide you don't want her, I'll take her. I don't think that will happen, the line in front of me would be too long and I'd have to wrestle you and your Mom to get her. I think your Mom can take me.

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

Having raised three girls, I totally understand.

sanjeet said...

...I'm sure you'll make it through the next few years and laugh about it one day!

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