Monday, November 2, 2009


Today I am home sick with the flu. Very thankful that Mad and Ian have school off today and tomorrow and that Mad is a tremendous help with Elek. I am fevery and woozy and not much use. (Ian is a good helper, but went to work with Michael) Manda has offered to come swab my nose to see if I have the swine, but I'm not sure that I want something shoved up my nose.

Today I am mostly lying on the couch with my Snuggie, reading. I am reading Stolen Innocence by Elissa Wall. She is the woman who pressed charges against Warren Jeffs. Very interesting book. It's a good thing that I was not born a FLDS, I would not do well with sister wives!

Today I am posting Halloween pics because I am too lousy feeling to do anything else.


Trish said...

Eman sure got a load of treats!!!
Mad wasn't happy that she went with friends and didn't get much...I told her she should have stayed in Gram's neighborhood. She says next year...she is! As always, they look adorable!!!

Pat said...

Praying you feel better soon. At this point it really doesn't matter what kind of flu you have, they are all miserable!
love you!

Joy-N-Jesus said...

awe, so sorry you don't feel well! I will say a prayer for you! Your pics of the kids are sooooooooooo cute! they are so so cute! What great scrappy pages those will make!
btw: your blog is sooooooo cute!

Margie said...

are you feeling better? The kids were too cute!

Just Breathe said...

I came over from Trish to say Hello! Sorry your not well today.
Love the Halloween pictures.

Mrs. Mac said...

By now you should be well and have a good immunity for any future H1N1 flu. I just heard today that people over fifty probably won't get that virus (?) as there was a similar outbreak when we were kids??? Your kids are soooo cute in their costumes. I encourage you not to give up blogging ... FB is just a waste of time (not that blogging isn't) ... but I'd rather read a well written blog than know when someone has to feed a make believe animal .. or cook non real food with a non real chef, or water some stupid fake veggie patch. Just my two cents worth (LOL) Have a great Thanksgiving ..

sanjeet said...

it really doesn't matter what kind of flu you have, they are all miserable!

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