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Monday, May 31, 2010

3 wishes

here are the top three completely silly, but very pretty, things i want in my life right now..... enjoy!
1. a vintage airstream trailer for my backyard. totally serious.

2. a vintage turquoise vespa.

3. this cute little print from etsy.

What are your three wishes?


Lynette said...

I gather that you love vintage things?

Trish said...

My Three Wishes...
1. That I could hug my Daddy's neck.
2. That Granny and Uncle bobby lived nearby.
3. That we were in Tennessee.

Pat said...

1. A first floor laundry
2. That my toe would stop hurting
3. Pistachio ice cream

Trish said...

Pat...I want a first floor laundry too! Is your toe still hurting from your surgery or have you injured yourself?
Oh, remember the hot fudge cream puffs at Sanders? I always got mine with Pistachio Ice Cream...sooo scrumptious!

Sara said...

i JUST wanted an airstream yesterday! ha!
1. mulch
2. more plantage
3. 4 months of vacation starting now

Pat said...

My toe is very stiff yet Trish,I want instant pain relief!
I would also like to add another wish...just to break the rules.
4. A great big circular driveway!

donna said...

1. sunshine
2. my veggies to grow
3. flower gardens to encircle my entire yard...