Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Is It Really Necessary Children...

That I had to go to the ER twice within 4 days last week?

First we made the trip on Tuesday. The little girl next door decided to throw a rock and it just happened to hit Ian in the forehead. Blood was everywhere. A little Dermabond (aka Superglue) and it's back together.

Saturday, Maddy goes to slide home during her softball game and the catcher decides that she'd rather play football instead of softball and tackles Maddy. Mad lies motionless on the ground and I realize that she's really hurt. Coach Dad (Michael)runs out there and carries her off the field. I run to the dugout and she's sobbing and holding her shoulder. I decide to take her in because someone mentions she may have broken her clavicle. An x-ray and it's determined that it's not broken just a pulled muscle and bruising.

I'm praying that we don't have to ever go back to the ER again. I'm quite tired of that place.