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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

No Poo

Shampoo that is.

So, yes, I'm thinking about saying no to shampoo. I've been doing some reading on it and I honestly I've never liked all the chemicals in. Michael says I'm turning hippie in my old age. (He told me this since I recently started some organic food.) I figure what do I have to lose. If I get greasy hair then I switch back to shampoo.

I've also been thinking about making my own deodorant. Found a recipe online and I'm pretty sure I'm going to try it. I don't like the aluminum in regular deodorant (studies have shown that aluminum causes Alzheimer's disease and since my Grandma died of it, I know first hand that I don't ever want it.) and it seriously makes my pits itchy, rashy messes. Again, what's the worst thing that could happen...stinky, sweaty pits? Then I go back to the old stuff.

Michael informed me not to even start reading up on cloth diapers. (Although I have) He's got nothing to worry about, I'm not even ready for that.


Trish said...

Uhm... I wonder where you get this from... let me know how the deodorant works although I read labels and buy nothing that contains aluminum! Don't use aluminum cookware either, check out your pots and pans.

liv319 said...

Yeah, all the chemicals now a days are crazy. I want to start some of the organic stuff, but its so darn expensive!

EmmaJ said...

A friend of mine makes her own laundry detergent. She found the recipe at the family homestead website. She says it works great and is really cheep to make! Good luck with your experiments!