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Friday, August 15, 2008

10 things that have kept me from blogging this week

1. 5 cheerleading practices. every night 5:30-8:00.
2. cleaning and painting of ian and elek's room.
3. scrapbooking - this is my latest page completed.
4. 1 blow out diaper. completely up his back. if you are a mom you know what i'm talking about. it was what i was greeted with when i got him out of bed.
5. bath after blow out diaper.
6. lots of cleaning the house. although you would never know by looking at it now. my children are pigs.
7. making numerous batches of playdough in the hopes that it will keep my severely bored 8 year old busy.
8. keeping a scooting elek (he doesn't crawl, he scoots on his butt) out of things he shouldn't be into. he scoots to the entertainment center and likes to open the doors. also, he scooted to the couch and decided that he was ready to pull himself up...he was quite pleased with himself standing there.
9. cooking lots of meals. tonight i think it's going to be chicken parmigiana.
10. lack of things to blog about.

1 comment:

Trish said...

That Maddy's a busy girl... thus so are you!
Ian needs to be a busy boy! He's bored out of hos gourd... he's happiest in school.
Elek is gonna be another busy boy,
what am I gonna do???