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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

7 months (3 days ago)

and he got his first tooth!

this little man is such a joy! always smiling, rarely fussy, excellent traveler. he's been on 2 road trips and did fabulous both times. all the parents of madison's softball teammates love him and think he is so happy. during games i rarely had him, he was usually being passed around.
here he is with ashley and makayla, 2 of coach tim's daughter's. i call them elek's girlfriends. he actually had 4 girlfriends, tara, a little sister of one of the players and tonia, makayla and ashley's mom. anytime tonia would walk up all she had to say was, "how's my little boyfriend?" and his face would light up and he's start looking around for her. totally cracked us up.

while we were up north, elek had his first swimming experience and loved every second of it. his other girlfriend tara is in this pic with him.


liv319 said...

He is such a sweet little one.. I love the bridge picture.

Trish said...

There's Grams blue eyed man!
Love the boy!!!!

Pat said...

I don't see that tooth, I want another picture clearly showing that tooth!
I love that bridge picture too, it's fab!