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Saturday, August 16, 2008

eebee addict

i have created a monster. one day in the attempt to load the dishwasher, i put elek in his exersaucer and turned on one of the baby boost shows on demand. the show is called eebee. i had never seen eebee before, but it was colorful and there was lots of music. i figured it would buy me 5 or 10 minutes. needless to say he loved it. now whenever he is a crab all i have to do is turn on eebee and he quiets instantly. it's quite comical how fast he quiets. now he cries when it goes off. he thinks that i should play it over and over. i'll admit i've played it 5 times in a row once. i find myself singing eebee songs throughout the day. it's disturbing.

i'm sure some of you will think it's horrible to let my 7 month old watch tv, but i'm only doing what works for me. you do what works for you. and if i have a clingy baby and need to vacuum or mop the floor, you better believe eebee is coming on. even is madison and ian whine that they hate it.


Trish said...

He watched it here last week, while he was playing in the floor with his toys! I got to clean up the kitchen after Supper!!!
Good boy EJ!

Sara said...

the eebee is a little irritating. put me in the maddy/ian club. maybe what he really wants it e bay. he might be a tiny tiny mogul.