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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

cheboygan trip (non-softball photos)

this post is going to have several spellings of mackinac and mackinaw. deal with it. i'm just spelling them the way they spell up there.

hanging out in mackinaw city.
the mackinac bridge

mom and dad took ian, em and xav to the soo locks. if you can't tell by their faces ian proclaimed it to be the most boring thing he's ever done.
emilee, madison and melanie watching hannah montana live in 3d. we only had 1 pair of 3d glasses and they passed them back and forth. also, every night we were up there we had a different girl spend the night with us. several nights there were 2 girls and ian got stuck on the floor.
the coast guard cutter mackinaw my gutsy dad actually went up to the gate of the homeland security building and asked if we could have a tour. (i just knew they were going to fingerprint us and put us on the "list". lol) they let us in and we had a very nice tour guided by seaman cobb, whom i believe was 12.
ian and em on the bridge of the uscg cutter

lake huron

mackinac island. if you click on the pic to enlarge it, you can see the grand hotel.

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Pat said...

The kids look as bored as Jay and Mac did when we took them to the soo locks! Kids!!