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Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm Free!!!

today was my last day of work until september 8! yipee! one of the blessings of working for the school district.

i'm hoping that there will be more blogging from me. i will certainly have more time, so i won't be able to use that as an excuse anymore. only a week left until baseball/softball season is over. unless maddy makes it to all-stars, but she is secretly hoping she doesn't because her coach will be the all-star coach and let's just put it this way...she doesn't like her coach. not liking would actually be an understatement. let's just not go there.

it's been a while, so i will update you on our lives lately.

i have been taking a ton of photos. been reading up on apertures and exposure and iso and all that good stuff. i am really enjoying it.

maddy got straight a's again this trimester. actually the kid had 100% in every single class, except spanish and social studies. she got a 106% in spanish and a 103% in social studies. she is the classic overachiever. she has decided she will be going to vanderbilt for college and has not yet decided on a major. i'm thinking that she has plenty of time to worry about it considering...she is only going into 7th grade!!! lol she's now the catcher for her softball team and loves it. the only issue with it is that mad gets lightheaded and nauseous when she get overheated and with all that gear on it's happened twice now and she's been moved to 3rd base.

ian did extremely well too. at 3rd grade they don't use letter grades just achieving, grade level, working toward grade level, underachieving. he was achieving or at grade level in everything. he is finally reading above grade level. this is HUGE for ian. he has been behind in reading since kindergarten. he has improved a ton and is now reading at a 5th grade level! we are beyond proud of him. he has decided that he wants to be a meteorologist when he grows up and watches the weather channel 24/7. he also gets on the computer several times a day to check the doppler. his favorite movie is twister. the other night there was a tornado warning several counties away and he wanted me to drive him there so he could chase tornadoes. ha! he has a love/hate relationsip with baseball. sometimes he can't wait for his games other times we have to drag him to the field. he is much happier with swimming and thankfully was able to go back on tuesday. he was finally diagnosed with asthma a few weeks ago and now has an inhaler that he has to use once a day. i've suspected asthma for years and i am thankful that it was finally diagnosed.

elek is a sweet little man who is into everything. if we don't move the computer chair, he is constantly climbing up and banging at the keyboard and moving the mouse. his favorite place to sit is on the kitchen table. that child is always climbing something. he has totally given up his 2nd nap and finally isn't getting up in the night! praise the Lord! the next step is getting rid of his bottles and i'm not looking forward to it. honestly, he only gets a bottle of water when he lays down for naps and bedtime. other that that he gets sippy cups. he so dependent on the bottles when he lays down though.

michael is pretty much the same. still working. still a kid's ministry leader at church. still the same great provider and fabulous husband and daddy he's always been. every single night he and ian are outside playing catch. he's an awesome dad.

that's it for now. need to clean house, looks like one of ian's tornadoes has been through it.

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Lynette said...

LOL! You are making me want to be FREE too!