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Monday, June 29, 2009

This week I did not wear a stained white shirt, yes stained in THREE places, for almost two days straight. Seriously, this is gross. And just because I didn’t go anywhere or do anything but play with the kids, do laundry and clean the house, I would still be looking my best at all times. This saddened state might have kept me from going anywhere in the first place because it just felt like too much work to get ready.

I have not learned more than I ever could have imagined about SVT due to MckMama's son, Stellan, and his heart condition. I was not watching a rerun of Gene Simmons Family Jewels and saw the episode in which Gene slips into SVT during a stress test. I did not watch as they decided to give him IV medication to try to slow his heart rate. I did not wonder why they weren't telling us the name of the heart medicine so I could better understand how they were treating Mr. Gene Simmons. When the medication failed to lower Gene's heart rate and the doctors began discussing shocking his heart back into normal sinus rhythm I did not wonder why they weren't trying vagal maneuvers first. I could not understand why they thought shocking Gene's heart was less traumatic then say...ice packs or hanging Gene upside down by his toes. I do not think I'm an expert when it pertains to SVT and I do not think I know better then Gene Simmons' doctors when it comes to treating him.

I did NOT let Elek walk around the house with only a diaper on (more than once) just because I was too lazy to put his clothes back on after an extremely exhausting diaper change.

I also did not tell my kids (more than once this week) that there mother had run away so they could stop yelling "MOM" at the top of their lungs to tattle or just to hear themselves yell "MOM".

I did not scream like a 14 year old at my second New Kids On The Block concert in 8 months. Jen and Sherri didn't scream either. In fact, we were the most reserved people in the crowd.

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Lynette said...

Wow...I think you must be an amazing easy going mom!