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Monday, June 15, 2009

It wasn't me who has spent far too much time on a game on facebook called Farm Town. It's not way too addicting. And I shouldn't be ashamed of myself because I've worked on my farm more than I've worked on my actual house.

This weekend I did NOT regress to a teenager and find myself responding to my soon to be teenager, like a teenager. Ugh, how embarrassing and what stellar parenting that is, huh? I mean, you know, NOT, because I didn't do it, Not Me!?

I did not pour my cereal into my orange juice. I am fully functioning, wide awake, alert, and enthusiastic in the morning because I love the hours before 7:30 am. On a side note, Post cereals should not add Honey Bunches of Oats with Oranges to their product line. Seriously.

I am not allergic to bug spray so I did not use what every resourceful mom uses to kill ants... Lysol! lol


Lynette said...

And that is the reason why I am stay well away from facebook:)

Margie said...

I love 'not me' Mondays.