Monday, July 20, 2009

I did not find out that I love nutella.
I am not urging that you try it if you haven't already!

I was not up half the night with a pukey baby.

I totally did not stay up until 1 a.m. to finish my latest read. Why would anyone read when they should be sleeping? I totally did not then proceed to bawl my eyes out because the story was so heartbreaking. And I'm not talking just tears, I am talking about sobs...I so did not do that. That's just crazy.

I did not have to go pick up Ian from camp on Wednesday, a full 2 days early, because he was not homesick.

I most certainly did not make Michael drive us to the hood again because I thought of another cool place to take pics. The Heidelberg Project.

I also didn't drag Maddy's friend, Lexi, with us.

And since we were so close, we also didn't make stops at Belle Isle and the really cool graffiti we found last week.

Elek was not sitting in his car seat doing this.


Trish said...

Lovely photo's as always!

Addie said...

Love your Not Me posts! Great pictures! So what book were you reading?

EmmaJ said...

Great pictures! Too bad you didn't take them :)

Deb said...

So what book didn't you read?

great always!

Deb said...

...and that last photo of Elek needs to be on the big screen at his wedding reception!