Monday, July 13, 2009

It wasn't me who made my husband drive us to the hood so I could find some cool graffiti just so I could take pictures in front of it.

I did not just send 1/3 of my heart to camp for 5 days.

The above mentioned child was not crying in the bus as it pulled out of the parking lot and thus, breaking my heart.

I was not sobbing all the way home from dropping off above mentioned child.

I have not slept a total of 7 hours in the last 3 nights. I'm no where near being an insomniac.

I'm not already planning for a nap today.

As I prepared to pack all Ian's stuff for the week at camp, I did not make countless lists of things to "not forget". Nope, I keep all my lists in my head...that's how "on top" of things that I am! Aren't you impressed?!

I have not thought on numerous occasions this week that the Jackson family is completely crazy. Certifiably. Especially now with LaToya and Joe claiming that Michael was murdered.

I surely have not left a picture hanging crooked in my stairway because, well, simply because, I haven't fixed it, maybe by next Monday, it will be straight again! I walk by that picture many times a day, and of course would take 2 seconds to stop and straighten it!


Trish said...

Fix the picture would drive this OCD mama crazy! ;)
I miss Eman already!

Trish said...

And I agree the Jackson is one odd bunch. But I find it sad.

Constance said...

The MJ thing has gotten WAY out of hand! They just need to bury that guy and move on!

Lynette said...

Those photos taken in front of the graffiti is way cool!

Your son will be back before you know it.