Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm On A Tea Tree Oil Kick

Below you will find some of the uses of Tea Tree Oil. I love it right now.

TEA TREE OIL (Melaleuca Alternifolia)


Tea Tree Oil is a powerful organic solvent that will dissolve pus in pimples and will neutralize the venom of minor insect bites. Tea Tree Oil is an effective Anti-Bacteria. Tea Tree Oil is safe for healthy tissue and does not inhibit normal cell growth. Tea Tree Oil is a mild local anaesthetic. Tea Tree Oil makes water more penetrating and thereby a better cleaner. Great for stubborn stains on clothes.

Have a good natural moisturizing cream available in the house as well as a good carrier oil such as grape seed oil, aloe, Almond etc. so that you can better use your Tea Tree oil.

HEAD LICE / NITS: Apply ten drops of pure Tea Tree Oil along with your shampoo and leave on ten minutes. Rinse. Repeat in one week. Keep out of eyes.

SINUS CONGESTION: Use Pure Tea Tree Oil in a steam vaporizer and inhale. Rub drops around sinuses, chest and back.

COLD SORES: Mix 5 drops pure Tea Tree oil into your favourite natural lip cream and apply three times per day.

ARTHRITIS: Mix three to five drops of pure Tea Tree Oil into a small amount of carrier oil or cream, and massage deeply into joints.

ACNE / PIMPLES: Add three to six drops of Pure Tea Tree Oil to warm water and rinse affected area daily. Cover treated area with your general purpose Tea Tree Cream.

SORE THROAT: Add three to six drops of pure oil to warm water and gargle, or add three drops of pure oil to juice and sip slowly.

ITCHY SCALP: Add five drops of pure oil to shampoo. Keep out of eyes.

MOUTH ULCERS, SORE GUMS, BAD BREATH, PLAQUE: Dab on pure Tea Tree oil or add three drops to water and use as a mouthwash twice daily


Flush with cold water/ice pack immediately. Apply pure oil to burn.

SUNBURN: In severe cases apply pure oil. For minor cases dilute oil with cream or carrier oil.

DIAPER WASH: Add ten drops of pure Tea Tree Oil to each 4 liters of water. Stir, then soak diapers overnight.

CRADLE CAP: Mix five drops pure Tea Tree oil with olive oil and rub into scalp. Leave five minutes, then wash hair. Keep away from eyes.

PLANTAR WARTS, CORAL CUTS: Dab on pure oil three times per day.

FLEAS: Add ten drops pure oil to shampoo. Repeat as required.

BOILS: Apply pure Tea Tree oil directly three times per day.

CUTS AND SCRAPES: Dab on pure Tea Tree


LEACHES OR TICKS: Apply pure oil to kill animal, then dab Tea Tree oil.

NAIL INFECTION: Soak nail in pure Tea Tree oil for five minutes and massage in twice daily until infection leaves.


Trish said...

Gotta get me some of this precious Elixir!

Pat said...

Last winter when my hair was dry and no conditioner helped, I ordered Tea Tree Shampoo on line. That stuff is great!

Deb said...

I love Tea Tree oil! I used it when Olivia contracted head lice at school last year - did the trick!

I also had some kind of eczema on my finger under my wedding rings. Nothing cleared it up - until I applied my trusty Melaleuca Tea Tree Oil!

Olivia has a sore in her mouth where she recently bit her cheek --don't know why I didn't think to use the Tea Tree Oil...going to get it now!

Star said...

Love your blog design, so cute! I bought Melalueca for awhile, I have the oil but havent used it much. I love there solumel cleaner, it will even get permanent marker out of my couch!

decie.roberts said...

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tata said...