Thursday, September 3, 2009

I know this blog is really going down the tubes. Several times a week I sit down in front of the computer and attempt to post something. Usually it doesn't happen. Sorry.

Our lives as of late have been fairly busy. Lots of Maddy's softball games, lots of Hot Wheels races across the living room floor, lots of "adventures."

We've actually done quite a few of our "adventures" lately. An adventure is basically when we pile into the van and just take off not really knowing where we're heading. In the last week we've done 3 of these and we've ended up at Pointe Mouille, Sterling State Park, outlet mall shopping, Cracker Barrel and the State Fair. Lots of fun.

Facebook friends these pics will look quite


Lynette said...

Great photography Kell! I love the new look of your blog...that is MME, I would recognise it anywhere:)

Mrs. Mac said...

You have been busy ... love the pics of the kids having fun. Hey, send me some Cracker Barrel food please.