Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I updated my other 2 blogs today and thought I should probably do the same here. It's actually semi hard to concentrate right now considering there are helicopters circling outside looking for some guy who escaped from the city jail, which is about a mile from here. He apparently really liked the handcuffs and green jail pants and is still wearing them. How hard to find is a man wearing handcuffs? Just curious.

I went back to work last Tuesday. On one hand I was ready to go back, on the other hand not so much. I love my job, love the kids (for the most part). After 3 months off though, all I really wanted to do was stay home with my baby whose not so much of a baby anymore. Instead of the sweet baby, I've got an almost 2 year old who replies with "no way" when he's asked for a kiss. I really shouldn't complain though, he really is an extremely good boy.

Mad and Ian started school last Wednesday, 7th and 4th grades. Am I really old enough to have a 7th grader? Wasn't I just in 7th grade? People are right when they say that time flies.

Maddy tried out for show choir yesterday and made it. She was thrilled! She's also still playing viola in the school orchestra. Ian decided that he didn't want to play cello this year. Swimming season started back up on Monday so he's back to that routine and Mad will go back once softball is done at the end of the month.

Other than that not much is really going on. Life is pretty good right now!

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