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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Boy's Beds

So we're working on redoing the boy's bedroom. Yes, I know, I should have had it done by the time the baby was born, but I felt so lousy the entire pregnancy that I never found the energy to do it.

All Ian wanted for his birthday was this
bed from Ikea. We go to Ikea on Saturday and he spots this bed and we ended up bringing that one home with us. On Sunday, Michael put it up for him and we pull out the bedding that Grammy bought him for Christmas, also from Ikea. (The colors of the bedding are different than the link shows.) He stayed in his bed for the rest of the day! And yesterday he was sick and stayed home from school and I swear I hardly saw him all day. He watched DVD's in bed all day.

Last night Michael put up Elek's crib (about time, but don't get me started). I also painted Ian's dresser with chalkbard paint (see post below). Now all we need to do is paint the walls (I'm having a heck of a time deciding what color to paint) and buy and hang curtains.

Here are some photos of their beds. (Aunt Amy, Elek loves the Rainforest Waterfall Soother you bought him! That's what he's mesmerized with in the pics.) Elek's bedding isn't the bedding I picked out, it's a set that my cousin gave me. It will soon be replaced with this set that Grammy bought him from my favorite store...Ikea, it just needs to be washed first.


Trish said...

Ian's bedding suits him since he's such a Math Whiz.
Elek seems very content in his crib must be the music eh?

Trish said...

p.s. I just realized that EJ's
sleeper matches his bedding!

Kell said...

It was a total coincidence that EJ's sleeper matches his bedding!

Addie said...

I really like that bed and the bedding is awesome! No wonder he wanted to stay in bed!

:corinne: said...

Ooooh you're doing some decorating...love it! The bedding is just cute! Hope he feels better...I'm sure the new bed helped though :) Have a Happy Easter!