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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Do Not Enter

I would suggest everyone stay away from me for several days. I am extremely sick. Ended up in the ER yesterday afternoon.

I woke up on Thursday with a sore throat didn't think much of it, I still felt okay. Friday, my throat hurt a bit worse, but I was still able to function. Friday night here comes the fever. Saturday morning, my throat hurts so bad I don't want to swallow and my ears are killing me. I was dizzy every time I stood up. Decided I needed to head to the ER. Michael dropped the kids off at my mom's and took me to Heritage.

I get there and they take my temp and it's 103.8 and they are not happy. My heart rate is pretty high too. The doctor looks in my throat and announces that I have severe tonsillitis and I have pus on my tonsils. Whoo hoo! Next he checks my ears and both of them are infected. He tells me I won't be able to leave until my fever goes down and they are able to get my heart rate down too. I am then given 800 mg. of Motrin, 975 mg. of Tylenol and a shot of Morphine for the pain. Pretty soon I am in a Morphine induced stupor and can barely keep my eyes open, but the pain in my throat has eased up and the nurse is now shoving fluids down my throat. The next time she takes my temp it's down to 102.9, not good enough to go home. My heart rate had dropped some though. Within a few minutes I am sweating profusely and know that my fever is dropping. The nurse takes my temp 15 minutes later and it is 98.4. She couldn't believe that it had dropped that fast. I receive my discharge instructions and prescriptions for a Z-Pack (Pretty much the only antibiotic I can take, I'm allergic to so many of them), Motrin 800 and Tylenol 3. I am also instructed to gargle salt water which feels like I am gargling razor blades.

I still feel pretty lousy. I am forcing myself to drink...it hurts horribly. Michael took the kids to church this morning and I'm just kind of lying around. Probably won't be on here too much the next few days. Hope everyone has a blessed week!


Sara said...

oh man, what can i do for you? i know your mom is headed south. do you need any help with the baby, groceries, anything? i love you, i am praying for you right now.
and happy birthday trish, you are loved beyond measure!

Jess Stevens said...

I hope you feel much better really soon. Take of yourself!

Pat said...

Wow, that's rough, especially with a new baby to care for. I'll be praying for you and PLEASE tell me if you need anything. Want some chicken soup?

Amber Land said...

Sorry you're sick. I'll be praying for you.

skrpndiva said...

Wow, I hope you're feeling better soon. So many people are getting such nasty viruses!!!