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Friday, April 11, 2008


So we went to IHOP last night to try their Who-cakes. Apparently yesterday was the day the ran out of everything. First the kids ordered the Dr. Seuss drink or whatever it was. They were out of it. Michael ordered cheese sticks, they were out of marinara sauce to go with it. I ordered nachos it was brought to me without onions or guacamole because guess what, they were out of both, but Michael's patty melt strangely had onions. Don't ask me. The who-cakes were without the rainbow sprinkles because once again they were out of them. Whatever.

Madison just ordered Who-cakes and Ian ordered They Mayor's Breakfast, which consists of a small stack of Who-cakes and green eggs and ham. He took one bite of the cakes and pronounced them "Who-butts". Said they tasted disgusting and he wasn't eating them. Proceeded to moan about how they tasted like Who-butts for 10 minutes. (I'm not sure how he knows what a who-butt tastes like. Boys and their bathroom humor.) He did eat the ham. The eggs he kind of picked at. Wasn't too sure of the spinach that made them green. I don't think Madison cared much for the Who-cakes either, but she didn't complain. I just have quite a decent amount of them left over in the fridge.

Needless to say, I don't think we'll be going to the IHOP anytime soon.


Amber Land said...

Bummer...I was thinking about taking the kids. I can't stand having an experience like that.

Trish said...

Well, I won't be going there!

sarah said...

We had that on Sunday with Alexis before taking her home! She didn't like the eggs, loved the ham and ate probably 1/2 the who cakes. She almost ordered the big full size, but thankfully our waiter pointed out the Mayor's Breakfast to us...also, the "special drink" is just Sprite with mini jello cubes. I didn't let her get it, since it was 9 AM and breakfast time, but I told her we'd make it ourselves this summer when she gets back.

Louise said...

Another new thing in my life ... this is the first I've heard of Who cakes. I lead a sheltered life.