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Saturday, November 22, 2008

10 Things I Did Today

1. Loaded the dishwasher (nothing new there)
2. Drank 4 glasses of Diet Pepsi (I've become somewhat of an addict lately)
3. Watched Jack's Big Music show twice (I didn't actually watch it, but it was on)
4. Took a bubble bath (Heaven!)
5. Took care of a sick Madison (who claimed she was dying...she just has a cold, but is extremely melodramatic)
6. Watched iCarly with the kids (I really did watch this)
7. Cooked dinner (It's Shake and Bake and I helped)
8. Took a few pics this morning (no one wanted to cooperate)

9. Went shopping with Ian (Value City, Dollar Tree, Joann's and Family Christian)
10. Finally updated this blog!

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Sara said...

sounds like a good day! i'm sick too. come here and take care of me now.