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Friday, November 14, 2008

Our Newest Sport

Cheerleading season has ended and heaven forbid Madison not have a sport to participate in. And so we've moved on to this...

Yes folks, we have joined the world of competitive swimming. Ian has also joined this world.
Coach Bud told me that Madison picked up on the Breaststroke quicker than he's ever seen anyone else. There goes that overachiever thing that she has going. Ian on the other hand is not so graceful. His pool entries are glorified belly flops that you can hear in the entire pool area. When he climbs out of the pool his stomach and chest are beet red. He could care less though and gets right back up there and does it all over again. I say practice makes perfect and he seems to love it. He is practicing his kicks here.Maddy swimming to Coach Bud.


Pat said...

I'm counting on you to keep me informed on the kids activities. They are doing everything I wish I would have wanted to do as a kid. My sport was finding a shadow to stand in. I will get my joy from watching them.

Sara said...

what a GREAT mom you are.

Trish said...

And to think their grammy won't even put her nose in the water!
They love to be busy and they certainly get plenty of exercise!!!!

Trish said...

p.s. did the Eman shave his legs again this week? Ya know he wants to be the next Michael Phelps???
You've got to write a post about this!!!

SARAH said...

Where do they take swimming? So Maddy is one of THOSE girls. Good at everything. I'll remember that in small groups on Wednesdays.