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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dear Dr. Brazil,

I kinda have this love-hate relationship with you right now. While I love you for giving me z-pack and cough syrup with codeine for my bronchitis. I think I hate you for informing me how "huge" this baby is and that his head is "monster sized."



Trish said...

Now, why are you acting surprised?
Just inform everyone of the size of the other 2 butterball turkey's you have delivered!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it won't be that bad! Think positive.


sarah said...

When is that kid busting out?

Louise said...

My Mom, bless her heart, had 8 children by the time she was 32. She married at age 16 and had just turned 17 two months before I was born (I am #1 child).

None of her children weighed less than 9 lbs. Kay, the youngest daughter & child #7, weighed 10 lbs. and her last baby, Bobby, weighed 12 lbs. She, of all the people I know, could sympathize with you about having big babies.

Now, if my husband's grandfather was here, he'd tell you about being father to 23 children. Can you imagine??