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Saturday, December 22, 2007

I love them...

But they are driving me crazy.

And I might as well start with this one...

1. She is the messiest eater EVER.

2. Her room is always disgusting.

3. She loves to irritate the crap out of her brother when she thinks no one is paying attention and thinks it's funny right up until he smacks her and then it's "Mom, Ian hit me."

1. He is the most stubborn, opinionated, headstrong kid I have ever met.

2. He thinks he can lay on the charm and/or humor to get out of anything.

3. If he doesn't get his way he thinks nothing of screaming and wailing for 30 minutes.


Trish said...

Amen to all the above!

Louise said...

So what's your beef? They are kids and they are living up to their names. Kids have a great responsibility you know! They will aggrevate the ever-lovin' life out of you one minute and be sweeter than molasses in June on another and one day before you even know it, they are grown and living on their own, doing only God-knows what and you'll wish they were 6 & 8 again, at home, driving you nuts. 'Cause then, at least, you'll know they're home and they're safe.