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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sleepless in Taylor

Miss Madison woke me up at 12:30 last night complaining that her stomach hurt. Then she started with this hacking cough. I instantly knew the vomiting was about to begin. She always starts hacking before she pukes.

My poor baby has now thrown up more than I have ever seen a human throw up. Every single time she has taken a drink of anything, it has come right back up. Michael is currently bundling up and going to brave the blizzard we are currently experiencing to get her some Gatorade because he's so afraid she going to get dehydrated. Thankfully his truck is a 4x4 and there's a gas station less than a mile down the road. Please pray that she'll get better soon.

I now leave you with a photo of our freshly fallen snow. (Taken from the front door, because I'm not going all the way outside in this mess...lol)


Trish said...

I love you Madsy-T...pray you feel better soon! Grammy
It's bootoe bootoe outside!!

Sara said...

oh, poor baby. what a good daddy and mommy though. praying right now for miss maddy.

Trish said...

Kell... You're stuffed up because
you had the nerve to get a real tree, after years of complaining
that you couldn't breathe when you came over. So like a good mama I
now have a tree from a box and You
my child have a wonderful smelling
Balsam Fir!

Louise said...

May Miss Maddyson feel way better soon.

Kell said...

I know why I'm stuffed up...I also have itchy, watery eyes. I'm suffering because the rest of my family enjoys smelling the real tree and I love them dearly. Ian sits next to it all the time and sniffs it!

EmmaJ said...

WOW, I hope she feels better soon! As for the snow, thanks for posting a picture! I really miss not having any down here in Florida.

Anonymous said...

Hope Madison is feeling better soon!

Gorgeous snow!!! Send it our way!!