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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Things I've Learned About Elek In The 3 Weeks He's Been Here

1. He hates baths, getting his clothes changed and diaper changes. Apparently he will not be a future nudist.

2. When awake he is extremely alert and will calmly lay in your lap and just look around with those huge blue eyes of his.

3. He is my calmest, most laid back baby.

4. He has red hair. It looks like it may be semi-curly too.

5. He likes when I open the living room curtains and sit him in his bouncer in front of the window. Just stares and stares at the sunlight. (Which makes him sneeze on occasion.)

6. Likes when I hold him while I'm on the computer, just looks at the screen. (He is currently in my lap as I type)

7. Will not sleep in his bassinet, but will sleep for hours in his bouncer. I guess he likes to sleep with his head slightly elevated. Do they make Craftmatic Adjustable baby beds?

8. When it's time to eat the bottle had better be ready!

9. A year ago I thought our family was completely with 2 kids....was I ever wrong! I love that God knew better!


Louise said...

A year ago you thought life was complete and now you can't see life without Elek. And to think that God had all this planned before YOU were born! He is awesome.

Mama2CnC said...

Those sound like some great lessons. Hope everything continues to go well for you & your new size family.

Erica said...

Congratulations again Kelly! I have gone through your #9 (thought we were done but we were wrong). What a joy 3 children has been (and busy too).

Trish said...

Well with red hair he was definitely named after the right person, his Great-Great Grandpa Elek.
He is definitely the most laid back of all my Grandbabies, he is soo good! I love to watch him look out my Living Room window,
his eyes move constantly , he's already exploring this new world.
What a blessing he is!

JoyNJesus said...

Hey Kelly, Those picture in your slide show are precious! And I love your 9... that would make a great scrap page! ~Jewels~