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Monday, January 28, 2008

More Elek Photos

Not a happy camper!

Big Eyes!


Trish said...

Hi Grammy's new man! Love that sweet face... even when he's howling!!!

Sara said...

i want to kiss his little lips!

Louise said...

He is one handsome little guy. What a gift.

Pat said...

To precious, who does he resemble? I'm thinking you, but I have to see him in person to be sure. Of course I will have to hold him and kiss him several times to help me make a clear decison....I'm sure he is waiting for me right now!

Kell said...

Elek has definitely been waiting for you to come see him! I'm not real sure who he looks like. I know he has Michael's lips, but that's all I've figured out.

Margie said...

He's a beauty! Can you say that about boys?

Thank you for sharing!!

Trish said...

Gram needs to kiss that nose and
little mouth, nothing tastes sweeter!!
pat... I'm thinking he might look a little like Tom's baby pictures,
how about you?

Pat said...

Once again....I really need to hold and kiss him to make that determination, but yes, I think you may be right about Tom's baby pictures.