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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Reasons I Haven't Blogged

1. Seriously sleep deprived.
2. Sleep deprivation makes you stupid and unable to write.
3. I am rarely without an infant in my arms which makes it hard to type. (I have created a very spoiled baby who doesn't like to be put down.)
4. I spend too much time arguing with my sassy pre-teen know-it-all daughter.
5. During the rare occasion that I don't have an infant in my arms I usually use those 5 or 10 minutes to load the dishwasher or vacuum the living room.


Trish said...

Yes, you have our Elek spoiled, and your Sassy girl just left with Uncle David and the bossy Miss Em!
What's the E-man doing? Keeping himself busy, no doubt.

Kell said...

E-Man is eating a banana and watching Saved by the Bell.

Louise said...

You need one of those papoose pouches to carry Elek in. Bet he'd like that a lot.

Kell said...

I have a moby wrap for Elek (see photo in previous post.) sometimes he likes it and other times he screams.

Louise said...

You could bundle him up like our Indian fore-fathers (fore-mothers) did ... wrap 'em so tight they can't move and strap them to your back. Make sure you leave his little face facing out so he can see where you've just been.
(I know your Mama is from the South and if she's like the rest of us from down there, there's Indian blood somewhere. Mine is Cherokee. And that's a story too.)

Anonymous said...

I did the same thing with my son. He wouldn't nap unless he could hear my heartbeat. Problem was, sometimes for hours I couldn't move away from half sitting, half laying on the couch with him. Thank goodness he's 13 now!